Storage King Wodonga offers a safe & secure environment for all your belongings. Experienced staff offering expert storage advice.

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Some storage unit sizes have limited availability so you will need to contact us now to make sure we can book your space. Call NOW on 02 6059 0000. 

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With our Courtesy Move-in trailer, storing couldn't be easier at Storage King Wodonga. Speak to our on-site managers regarding terms and conditions. 

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Moving or building a House? Storage King Wodonga is just around the corner and can provide a secure space to keep your treasured possessions. Storage King Wodonga is ideally located and great to store your goods for the period of time that you're out of the country or interstate. 


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We are the largest self storage operator with locations throughout metropolitan and regional Australia.


See what people have had to say about Storage King Wodonga...

  • Friendly service and very helpful when I was looking for packing boxes. Great selection of sizes to choose.

    Bren Thursday 22nd March 2018 10:48:21 AM
  • A great facility that also has everything you need to pack and move. The staff are friendly and efficient.

    Vanessa Thursday 22nd March 2018 10:45:07 AM
  • Excellent service

    Daniel Tuesday 30th May 2017 02:34:18 PM
  • Excellent service and excellent clean facilities, have recommended to many people

    Matt Tuesday 30th May 2017 02:20:05 PM
  • very accessible, clean, tidy, just what I required.

    Barry Friday 19th May 2017 02:34:00 PM
  • Excellent

    Darren Tuesday 18th October 2016 11:41:14 AM
  • .

    Brian Tuesday 11th October 2016 11:16:43 AM
  • .

    David Tuesday 11th October 2016 11:15:23 AM
  • .

    Sharlene Tuesday 11th October 2016 11:11:12 AM
  • Impressed with maintenance and cleanliness and bug suppression.

    Kevin Tuesday 20th September 2016 11:31:49 AM
  • .

    Erica Thursday 11th August 2016 11:39:50 AM
  • Outstanding service and support.

    Gavin Annie Wednesday 10th August 2016 08:56:25 AM
  • Thank you Storage King for the wonderful service, fantastic location and great amenities.

    Lauren Wednesday 6th July 2016 10:36:26 AM
  • Excellent service and facilities, extremely friendly and helpful customer service.

    Jessica Monday 27th June 2016 09:55:15 AM
  • Storage King delivered on what they promised, simple process and convenient location.

    Stephen Monday 9th May 2016 11:45:50 AM
  • Thank you for everything, you have been wonderful and extremely helpful.

    Lidia Saturday 16th April 2016 01:56:03 PM
  • Thank you for everything, you have been wonderful and extremely helpful.

    Lidia Saturday 16th April 2016 01:51:21 PM
  • .

    Jodi Monday 21st March 2016 09:20:39 AM
  • .

    Kade Monday 7th March 2016 10:07:39 AM
  • .

    James Thursday 3rd March 2016 09:28:42 AM
  • Excellent service, would recommend and use again.

    Julie Wednesday 2nd March 2016 09:57:31 AM
  • .

    Lee Friday 12th February 2016 09:15:55 AM
  • Very good service

    Matthew Thursday 4th February 2016 12:14:35 PM
  • Thanks it was great,very clean and nice to use.

    Zoe Wednesday 3rd February 2016 09:51:48 AM
  • Very clean, easy access, great people to deal with.

    Bryan Friday 22nd January 2016 08:55:30 AM
  • Excellent service. Very clean and tidy facility very helpful staff.

    Gerry Margaret Wednesday 30th December 2015 11:44:12 AM
  • The logistics of moving interstate is often a stressful experience. But it was a much easier experience for me with the help of Storage Kings Wodonga. The guys are professional, relaxed yet very competent in the whole process. The storage facility is a delight. Easy to use, modern, secure and very clean, no bugs nor rain water leaks. Mike and Laurie are ever helpful (the right people in the right job) and, importantly, contactable after hours. Definitely recommended.

    Harry Jankovic Sunday 20th December 2015 12:51:38 PM
  • Great Facility

    Mark Friday 11th December 2015 12:26:04 PM
  • Very Good Most Happy

    Wayne Saturday 7th November 2015 11:25:20 AM
  • Excellent, extremely friendly.

    Jessica Monday 5th October 2015 12:11:56 PM
  • The service is second to none, great personal touch and very impressed with the staff, great experience and we will not hesitate to use in the future, would recommend to anyone who is looking for storage.

    Joan Ken Friday 11th September 2015 11:48:10 AM
  • Great.

    Todd Wednesday 9th September 2015 09:46:25 AM
  • Easy, Convenient, Would Recommend.

    Justin Thursday 27th August 2015 12:52:25 PM
  • The staff are fantastic, dependable and friendly

    Luke Wednesday 12th August 2015 10:17:47 AM
  • .

    Kevin Wednesday 12th August 2015 10:15:47 AM
  • Will use your services again, thanks

    Joanne Wednesday 12th August 2015 10:14:55 AM
  • Excellent place, will recommend to anyone.

    Aaron Wednesday 12th August 2015 10:12:23 AM
  • Friendly, Good Customer Service.

    Paula Thursday 30th July 2015 09:43:21 AM
  • Convenient and Clean, Good Service

    Raymond Monday 27th July 2015 01:31:05 PM
  • Excellent very helpful will use again

    David Monday 27th July 2015 12:29:54 PM
  • .

    Anna Monday 30th May 2016 10:14:48 AM
  • .

    Dave Friday 26th February 2016 11:22:54 AM

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